Processing Equipment

Can opening machines

Systems both manual and automatic to open and empty tin cans 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg cans, liquid, pasty and products with solids. Few format changes for different can diameters, capacities from 100 up to 2200 cans per hour, individual technology for different products, unique technology and experience, high cost savings, many standard components from international manufacturer, more that 30 years on the market, international references, nearly zero product left in the cans, high standard of automation.

Vacuum process machines K-Disho

The K-Disho manufactures products under vacuum when the ingredients are drawn through the Rotor stator homogenising head at varying speeds and then recirculated into the working chamber. The K-Disho is also used to discharge the product.

Vacuum deaerator

Many applications for the removal of unwanted air in food, cosmetic and chemical industries, proven technology, individual variants for every kind of products, easy handling, easy integration in existing lines, for liquids up to high viscous products (wide range of products handled).

Wet grinding mills

Stainless steel housings, no cast, for liquids up to high viscous products (wide range of products handled), automatically milling gap adjustment, high outputs with very fine grinding of products, simple handling. Wide range of products, integration into existing systems, individual grades of mill stones and milling sets.

Pigo srl

Food Processing Systems – Equipment for processing Fruit and Vegetables

– Pitting Machines – stone removal in Cherries and Plums ( for example)

– In line Continuous Deep Freezer

– Calibrator with Rollers

– Vibrating Transporter – separator