Liquid Filling Machines – Capsule Filling Machines and Equipment, UK.

Liquid Filling

Covering all types from simple manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic liquid filling machines. Covering all outputs and levels of investment by offering different modes of operation.

Capsule & Tabletting

Two piece capsule filling machines and filled capsule counting covering all outputs. Full range of tabletting machines from single station press up to 83 stations. Tablet coating covering sugar, film and batch sizes from 5-500kgs.

Bespoke Assembly Lines

Purpose designed lines unscrambling, container sorting/feeding, filling, capping and labeling. Modular and monoblock configurations. Liquid and Capsule filling machines.

Hard-Shell Capsule Fillers for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries

For over 20 years, Glenvale Packaging has helped organisations like yours to produce a range of filled capsules for use throughout the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Our capsule filling machines and equipment are used in pharmacies, hospital manufactories and a range of other locations throughout the UK, allowing businesses and healthcare providers to create hard-shell capsule medications for a huge selection of uses.

From Small Medication Batches to Large Production Runs

Our range of machines is designed to fill standard-sized capsules quickly and safely, resulting in a uniform product suitable for a variety of uses.

From small runs of up to 300 bespoke capsules (as used by pharmacies), to semi-automatic machines that can produce 25,000 filled capsules an hour (the preferred choice of the health and bodybuilding industries) all the way to fully automated assembly lines that can fill over 150 thousand capsules an hour, Glenvale has the correct capsule filling machine to meet even your organisation’s most demanding project requirements.

Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Liquid Filling and Capsule Filling Machines

Glenvale has an unbeatable reputation as a leading supplier of capsule filling machines and equipment to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and healthcare industries. We currently supply:

No matter how large your operation, or how specific your requirements, our experienced team will advise you on the best machines for your particular needs. We’ll even supply you with the correct capsules to ensure that your capsule filling operation runs quickly and smoothly.

Discuss your requirements with our experts today by calling 01933 673677. We’ll recommend the correct solution for your hospital, pharmacy or business.