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Jul 16, 2018
Equipment for filling capsules, vape cartridges and tinctures.

For information on medical marijuana equipment please follow these links:-
Jul 5, 2016
Our principles, Schaefer Technologies, have been involved in a ‘We all work for Health’ initiative. One of their engineers was interviewed about his job and the company and the impact they have on the biopharmaceutical industry.

Sep 28, 2015

The RoboCAP is the only Affordable Bench-Top Manual and Semiautomatic Liquid Capsule machine for filling liquids into Hard Gelatine and Vegetarian Capsules, Bottles and Vials.

Please watch the video below to see the new RoboCap RL201 Robotic Liquid Capsule and Vial Filler in action.

If you've been thinking of entering the Liquid Capsule Filling market or have a need for small to medium batch production, give us a call or send us an email and we will contact you at your convenience.

Sep 14, 2015
We regularly have Pre-Owned and Reconditioned Machinery available for purchase. Please call the office on +44 (0) 1933 673677 or email to see what is currently available.
Feb 16, 2015

Our principles Schaefer Technologies Inc have released a new LAB CAP 3000 table mounted, fully automatic capsule filling machine for powder, pellets and liquid. Perfect for clinical trials, R& D, batch and full production applications.

Capacity up to 3,000 capsules per hour.

Watch the video

Download the PDF

Sep 25, 2014

The RoboCAP is the only Affordable Bench-Top Manual and Semiautomatic Liquid Capsule machine for filling liquids into Hard Gelatine and Veggie Capsules and Bottles. If you've been thinking of entering the Liquid Capsule Filling market or have a need for small to medium batch production, give us a call or send us an email and our sales representative will contact you at your convenience.

ATG Pharma's RoboCAP has been designed as a modular production system. You can start with the ML-1 manual unit and as your production capacity increases, you may upgrade to the RoboCAP robotic models. Eighty percent (80%) of the ML-1 components are reused in the upgrade to the RL-Series robotic systems, and therefore you avoid the expense of purchasing a complete RL-Series robotic system.

More information:
Oct 28, 2013

As a further service to clients, Glenvale Packaging now offer capsules from Go Caps GmbH. The full range of both Gelatin and HPMC capsules are offered along with all required certification and documentation. Fast deliveries, high, consistent quality at competitive prices, combined with our machinery expertise, make this a ideal partnership.

Please contact our sales team for your hard shell capsule needs.

Download presentation

Sep 13, 2013

New version 5 machine is now available – please contact us.

The well proven and popular semi-automatic capsule filling machine from Schaefer Technologies Inc has undertaken a series of design changes to make operation and setting easier for the operator. The changes have been designed to increase productivity and accuracy of your capsule filling process.

This version is now to a slight lower spec without the HMI screen (as per the Pharma version 4.2) but without sacrificing the ease of usage and flexibility to the operator.

Semi-automatic capsule filling machine from Schaefer Technologies Inc

Used Model 10 are available as well and exchanges, upgrades on clients old machines – please apply for quotes.

Used Model 10 - Semi-automatic capsule filling machine from Schaefer Technologies Inc
Mar 21, 2013
 EL-G-24-54 Electronic Gravity Filler is available for expedited delivery

Here are some of the advantages provided by this design:

#1 – Reduced spares – When compared to a P/G filler the wear list for valve parts alone can be reduced at least 50% annually. The reason for this is two–fold. The valve does not require mechanically activated stroking and thus there are simply fewer parts – no spring, no bushing, no bushing seals, no tip o-ring, and only one dynamic seal. Secondly the valve is so much stronger that valves won’t bend or leak very easily. With this design the slide rod would probably bend before the valve. There is no shoe to wear and thus no shoe rod or shoe rod seal. Also the hoses could potentially be changed to Teflon lined, and never have to be replaced again.

#2 – Fewer leaks – Because the valve is closed using an actuator – there is a positive seal against the product with much more sealing power, meaning that the valve is not being held closed by gravity alone against product pressure…therefore the valve tip should not leak due to some pulp resistance or a damaged tip or seal. There is no bushing seal that must be loose enough to prevent sticking valves, which may wear quickly and leak. There is no possibility for the valve to stick or stay open due to sugar buildup or plastic bushing swelling. There is no way the valve can hang open from hose overlap. This valve should work as well a year from now, as when it is new, with just minor seal lubrication and care, versus major valve overhauls.

#3 – Less downtime – For all of the reasons above and more – this machine should not experience major downtime from valve damage, valve failure, or valve upkeep. Fewer and stronger parts mean fewer headaches.

#4 – Less Overflow - P/G fillers send product through the overflow leg anytime the pump is on, the bottle is full and the shoe is not engaged. It is even worse when no bottle is present. Many customers calculate overflow only when the filler is running bottles through the system and they overlook the surge when the machine starts/stops or runs out of containers. Further waste is incurred with bottle size changes that create early fills and with much of the rotation simply overflowing. With electronic fill shut-off, the overflow can be programmed to compensate for these conditions. The savings in product reheating, return, product quality, and waste, can alone justify the conversion.

#5 – Adjustment – With electronic control of flow angle – there is no need to stop the machine, climb on the roof, and adjust the mechanical shoe position. It can now be done on the fly, at any time; and saved through recipe menu screens.

#6 – CIP – Never before in P/G filling could valves be flushed at a given angle individually, whether rotating or not. This means no more CIP cups, as well as the option for higher velocities at the same previous pressures into a CIP tray; if desired for collection and return. With no more shoe, the system is simply cleaner from manifold to manifold. And the valves can actually be automatically pulsed and stroked to promote full milking and flushing conditions.

#7 – Pulpy products – The P/G filler has never been promoted as a filler of pulpy products, but many customers do include certain products that fit this market. The new EL-G filler is by far more agreeable to this family of products due to a different inner tube design, larger clearances between telescoping tubes, and a fully open supply manifold pathway. There is even a functionality to open the valve in a non-contact start condition, if that would help initiate flow normally restricted from pulp settling.

#8 – Variable fill logic – What if you could alter the valve opening and closing sequence during the filling cycle? Now that ability exists with programmable versatility – never before available in any contact style filler. Stop the fill when you want. Restart the fill when you want. Open the valve fully – relieve pressure, close later – close earlier – all at the touch of a keypad. Total flexibility.

#9 – Future adaptability – The EL-G filler is basically one step away from becoming an electronic meter filler; all that is missing is a meter upgrade. The El-G filler allows for future bottle neck support whereas the P/G filler does not. These two capabilities allow for maximum flexibility and future potential, without adding those costs until they are needed. An EL-G filler is a step towards a non-contact meter filler, but at about half the cost; without requiring any steps backwards if the full meter conversion is on the horizon.

The filler has a spacing between valves of 7.06", therefore would be also suitable for running larger diameter bottles. The machine is rated at 200BPM on 20oz bottles with 38mm neck finish.

Should you be interested in receiving a proposal for the purchase of this machine, please let us know.

EL-G Filler Brochure

US Bottlers filler Press release

Telephone: +44 (0)1933 673677
Facsimile: +44(0)1933 676728
Mobile: 07836 323510

Mar 14, 2013
Filling volumes from 0.25 ml up to and including 500ml – WF1

Filling Volumes from 10ml up to and including 5000ml – WF2

Accuracy +/- 0.5% and better

Power supply 230v 50/60Hz

Due mainly to the endless applications and flexibility Glenvale packaging are achieving a high level of success and interest in the WF series of peristaltic liquid fillers.

Sold and supplied as stand alone units or fixed around starwheels within the Minican machinery or even filling directly into syringes.

Photo showing WF 1 with nozzle holder stand:

Photo showing close up of nozzle holder stand:

Photo showing in build WF filler ontot side of Syringe filler to fill BD syringes:

Nov 6, 2012

This Version 4 machine is available for immediate despatch from our showroom ( All capsule size parts)

The well proven and popular semi-automatic capsule filling machine has undertaken a series of design changes to make operation and setting easier for the operator. The changes have been designed to increase productivity and accuracy of your capsule filling process.

Now fitted with a HMI touch screen control which provides precise adjustment of the operational functions as well as quick and easy to follow alarm information. The easy to operate controls ensure repeatability of motor speeds and precise control of fill weights.

Used Model 10 are available as well and exchanges, upgrades on clients old machines – please apply for quotes.

STI Model 10 Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machinery

This model has been in production now for almost 30 years. It began its life as the ElancoFill model 10 sold under the Eli Lilly umbrella and was later to become the Qualifill 10 when the then Shionogi Qualicaps purchased the rights from Eli Lilly. This then followed the purchase from Shionogi Qualicaps by the now and current owners and manufacturers Schaefer Technologies Inc who continue to develop the machine to meet all current needs and expectations.

Full validation and comprehensive service and back up is available and this still includes all the ElancoFill and Qualifill 10 machines in the market place which have and are continuing to give great service.

Sep 7, 2012

After fifty years of constant production the Mastermeasure still continues to be as popular as ever.

Due to its simplicity and robust construction in 316 Stainless Steel combined with gravity feed and manual operation the wide range of applications continue. These can be tailor made to suit individual requirements and specific volume sizes.

Mastermeasure Volumetric Filling Machinery

As well as being popular for small independent distillers who fill expensive ceramic jars volumetrically to clients wishing to fill solvents within a Atex zoned area.

Apr 19, 2012

Now being filled on the STI Model 10 Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine allowing for production needs to be met with minimum fuss. Mr. Jorundur Gardarsson identified Glenvale Packaging and following site visit and contact they chose the well proven STI Model 10 Capsule machine and its quality, support etc...

 STI Model 10 Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine

Hafkalk is natural, multimineral ingredient sourced from the clear waters of Arnarfjordur on the North West coast of Iceland. It claims to improve bone and joint health. The seaweed-derived mineral source, Hafkalk is rich in calcium, magnesium and 70 other trace minerals including zinc, iron and selenium. It is produced from the red algae, Lithothamnion Tophiforme. During the life span, these algae absorb essential minerals from the sea. This gives Hafkalk its unique multimineral content. The algae then break down naturally and settle on the sea bed. These calcified skeletal remains are harvested, washed, dried and milled into this unique multimineral supplement. Nothing is added and clear vegetarian capsules are used. Hafkalk offers a range of minerals from a single natural source. This makes it highly bio available and the body easily absorbs the nutrients. These minerals work together and the overall health benefits are enhanced. A unique, porous, biological structure ensures active absorption in the body

Jan 27, 2012

The simplicity and accuracy of Wick filling machines – enhanced by the service and support provided by Glenvale Packaging – is playing a key role in the ongoing success of the UK’s largest supplier of formalin fixative. The operation of two Wick Minican 100 units by Genta Medical is at the heart of a production process that now sees over 2 million filled pots produced per year – sufficient to ensure that supplies of this vital product, which is central to operation of histology departments throughout the country, is both ongoing and reliable.

Genta Medical’s commitment to the performance of the Wick range at its York premises, reflects both the performance capability and the comprehensive service support provided by Glenvale Packaging, as Bob Reedman, Managing Director, explains –

“When it was originally felt that the Minican 100 concept would meet our requirements, it was vital that back up and support – from site assessment through installation commissioning and ongoing servicing and maintenance – were of the highest order,” he says. “We are delighted that, to date, this has all been capably delivered by Glenvale Packaging."

“The suitability of the Wick design is demonstrated by our long-term commitment to the equipment – we initially adapted both of our original desk mounted units to operate semi-automatically and then took a further step forward by replacing one of these with a larger, free-standing unit. The two Wick Minican units that we now operate are in constant operation, with each dedicated to one specific type of product and the capability to process up to 30 pots per minute,” adds Bob Reedman.

The two Minican machines now process some 90% of the output from the company and, in most cases, handle 60 ml capacity pots, each filled with 40 ml of formalin. In total, Genta Medical produces some 10,000 units per day, both for direct delivery to customers – primarily the NHS – with some held in stock to meet short term needs or high demand periods.

“Wick’s belief in producing equipment based on modular components is clearly in evidence at Genta Medical with, for example, the freestanding unit benefiting from further automation in the form of a cap elevator feeder,” comments Garry Coleman, Partner at Glenvale Packaging’s Northamptonshire site. “The company’s ongoing commitment to the Wick range is significant and reflects the suitability of the designs and the ability to specify configurations that meet precise requirements.” He points out that Wick can also supply a range of rotary tables, indexing systems, filling and closing stations and cap sorting units where appropriate.

Sep 19, 2011
Glenvale Packaging introduces new Multipharma automatic capsule filing machine to the UK market

A new, automatic capsule filling system produced by leading European manufacturer MultiPharma is now available exclusively in the UK from Glenvale Packaging. The addition of the MultiPharma V10 system to the range represents the first new machine to be introduced into this country since Northamptonshire-based Glenvale Packaging was appointed by the Italian company to handle the full range of its products in this country.

The totally enclosed V10 system is ideal for handling potent products and can process up to 9,000 individual capsules per hour. The stand-alone unit requires a footprint of just 90 cm by 110 cm and, with the benefit of fitted castors, can easily be repositioned around a production facility.

“The design is ideal for handling hard shell capsules – both gelatine and vegetarian options,” comments Garry Coleman, Partner at Glenvale Packaging, “and is supplied fully specified to handle the desired capsule size. Additional accessories can then also be fitted to accommodate size changes as needed.”

The unit only requires standard air and electrical connections and is easily operated by a touch screen that can be positioned to suit the operator’s needs. The anodised, aluminium construction fully meets GMP regulatory requirements.

“The V10 has already been proven in Europe,” continues Garry Coleman, “and is ideally suited for a range of applications – from clinical trials in the health industry through to small manufacturing operations. The benefits of its adaptable design and automatic operation, we feel, will be readily recognised by the marketplace and is enhanced by the reliability and the quality associated with the MultiPharma name,” he adds. The benefit of its availability in the UK market from Glenvale Packaging is centred on the company’s installation, commissioning and training capability – a key factor behind its recent agreement to distribute the MultiPharma brand in this country. As a result, customers specifying the V10 unit can gain from both purpose-built, reliable equipment design and comprehensive back up and support from Glenvale Packaging – itself at the heart of the company’s growing reputation in the industry.

Jul 18, 2011
Glenvale Packaging systems and expertise gain wider recognition with delivery of key advantages to manufacturing chemist in Slovenia

The reputation for providing high quality filling and packaging equipment from leading suppliers, alongside a dedicated comprehensive service, which has been steadily developed by UK-based Glenvale Packaging, is now making inroads into Europe. The company reports a highly successful installation for a specialist manufacturing chemist in Slovenia, which is enhancing the efficiency of its capsule filling and bottling operations, enabling it to keep pace with increasing market demand.

Lekarna Ljubljana sl produces a wide range of products – from tablets and capsules to powders – for sale over the counter through 39 of its own outlets as well as via other pharmacy chains and independent outlets. Recent success has called for production processes to match increased demand, which has led directly to its work with Glenvale Packaging. This has centred on the installation of a Schaefer Technologies capsule-filling machine that now operates in conjunction with a MultiPharma CPE 6 electronic counting unit already on site.

The direct result of the investment, says the company, has seen potential bottlenecks between production and filling removed, alongside more efficient use of space and better deployment of staff. The filling work previously undertaken by two people in two days, it reports, can now be handled by just one staff member in little more than two hours.

“Prior to the installation, Lekarna had operated with two MultiPharma MC 100 capsule filling installations, which accommodated original demand levels,” comments Garry Coleman, Partner at Glenvale Packaging. “While these units are still used by the company for other duties, the new STI 10 unit from Schaefer Technologies is now providing a highly accurate production throughput from a single self-contained, semi-automatic facility, which can operate at a much faster rate.” He points out that this process then links directly with the MultiPharma CPE 6 unit which loads between 30 and 180 capsules into a container, depending upon product type and volume requirements.

Importantly, the Schaefer STI 10 system, which is operated via a simple, user-friendly control system, requires a footprint of just 3.34 sq. metres – meeting a key requirement at the Lekarna site. Up to 420 capsules per operation are rectified, filled and then pneumatically closed via a process that is designed to eliminate the risk of contamination and which also allows the operator to change capsule size and fill requirements very quickly when needed.

“Previously, we could fill up to 2,000 capsules each hour, but this has now increased to approximately 15,000, which fully meets our sales volume requirements,” comments Marko Znidarsic, Deputy Director of Lekarna Ljubljana. If required, the Schaefer unit can handle up to 25,000 capsules per hour.

The project is an excellent demonstration of Glenvale Packaging’s growing success, both in its home market and further afield. Its sourcing and supply of a range of stand-alone packaging equipment is enhanced by the close attention the company pays to customer support – not least installation and commissioning.

“Our training procedures also meant that only two days were needed to ensure Lekarna operators on site were fully skilled, with the company then able to take full advantage immediately of the benefits offered by the equipment design,” says Garry Coleman. He adds that Lekarna is initially focusing on the processing of two key products with others then being included in the new process line.

“Clearly this a highly specialist operation and one which has to meet demanding standards from both an efficiency and a regulatory point of view. We believe that our ability to work closely with each customer to tailor solutions to their exact needs is fundamental, and that this is fully demonstrated by our work with Lekarna Ljubljana in Slovenia,” he concludes.

Jun 8, 2011

Users of tablet manufacturing machines can satisfy all their tooling requirements with internationally acclaimed designs available exclusively in this country from Glenvale Packaging. The Wellingborough-based company operates a UK-wide agreement with Yener Kalip to supply the Turkish company’s range of tablet press tools in this country. The association between the two organisations means that the quality of the Yener range can be enjoyed alongside the benefits of Glenvale’s service and support capability – key factors for everybody involved in the sector, from pharmaceutical to healthcare product producers.

“The Yener range is widely recognised for its manufacturing capability which matches a commitment to material quality and cost effective pricing,” comments Glenvale Packaging Partner, Garry Coleman. “We are able to supply a comprehensive range of tooling designs, which can be fitted to the majority of tablet press machines on the market, all of which benefit from the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of manufacture and consequent long life performance.

“The range is extremely versatile and comprises single-tip and multi-tip tooling options, together with virtually any bespoke configuration – from round to square, and from triple-radius to heart-shaped,” he continues. “In all cases, they provide quality tooling to produce results that are both accurate and highly consistent. Optional tablet embossing – ideal where reference numbers or logos, for example, need to be added – is also available.”

The availability of the Yener range through Glenvale Packaging has rapidly become a key element of the company’s success. It focuses on the supply of leading specialist equipment – from capsule filling to can opening units – with the industries that benefit ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturing to food production. Importantly, Glenvale has built its reputation on providing direct one-to-one liaison with its customer base, enabling specific installation requirements to be fulfilled every time, with the added benefit then of direct, UK-based on-going support.

“Our comprehensive supply agreement with Yener fits this profile very well,” continues Garry Coleman, “and we are able to supply not just the press tools, but also parts, maintenance kits and storage boxes, all of which are key elements of the Yener product offer.”

He places emphasis on Yener’s technical capability, particularly its understanding of steel types and manufacturing processes, as being at the heart of the company’s international success. A wide range of steel types is used with processes such as heat treatment applied to reflect the characteristics of the material being compressed and the duty cycle of the machinery to which the tools will be fitted. The company also places significant emphasis on its coatings technology, such as chromium nitrite which helps avoid sticking, provides excellent oxidisation resistance and low friction characteristics. Glenvale Packaging believes these are key facts that help to define the quality that underpins the Yener range.

“It is self-evident that the design and quality of the tool used is central to the success of a tablet press operation and the fact that the Yener range can be readily fitted to any of the leading machine brands in the marketplace is very significant,” adds Garry Coleman. “Now well-established, our links with Yener Kalip, do not only enhance our own product range, but also ensure that our customers’ production quality is maintained at the highest levels.

“We are confident that the combination of product design and our support capability will increasingly provide benefits that are widely recognised by tablet manufacturers throughout the UK marketplace,” he concludes.

Mar 28, 2011

A significant enhancement of throughput speed and production versatility, as a result of purpose-built systems installed by Glenvale Packaging, is now being enjoyed by one of the UK’s leading independent dietary food supplement and product manufacturers. A series of stand-alone units, installed for Metabolics at its Devizes premises, makes the most of Schaefer Technologies’ capsule filling machines and an automated counting and bottling unit from MultiPharma. Both systems are part of the range of packaging and associated equipment available from Glenvale Packaging which is developing a growing reputation for blending proven equipment from leading suppliers with dedicated service and support.

Photo shows a Schaefer Technologies STI 10 capsule filling machine. Schaefer Technologies units, supplied by Glenvale Packaging, are now enhancing throughput speed and production versatility for dietary food supplement and product manufacturer, Metabolics.

“The increasing success of our products clearly pointed to the need to enhance our throughput capability,” comments Linda Porter, Production Manager at Metabolics, who produce a range of specialist pure fill products, primarily for distribution through health practitioners.

“We had already gained from the use of a Schaefer Technologies’ STI 10 unit from Glenvale Packaging and took the decision to replace that unit and add a second facility to increase our capsule filling capability. A MultiPharma Sav 2 counting, capping and labelling machine is now located alongside and automatically handles products, via stock, to meet a wide range of sizes and batch run needs.”

Linda Porter explains that Metabolics can now economically handle between 5,000 and 100,000 capsule fills per run and can package them into bottles holding as few as 30 or as many as 250 individual capsules. “This allows us to respond both to regular and ad-hoc orders which, in turn, is a key part of our service capability to our customers,” she adds.

Each of the Schaefer Technologies’ STI 10 systems at Metabolics is a stand-alone, semi-automatic capsule-filling machine that can handle a wide range of product sizes in volumes of up to 420 per operation. Capsules are rectified, filled and then pneumatically closed via a process that is designed to eliminate the risk of contamination and which also allows the operator to change capsule size and fill requirements very quickly when needed.

“The entire process is handled from the single work station – which occupies a footprint of just 3.34 sq.m. – via a simple, user-friendly control system,” says Garry Coleman, Partner at Glenvale Packaging. He explains that allied to each Schaefer machine at the site is a capsule polishing unit, which helps to ensure the risk of excess product on the outside of capsules is removed. “This allows the capsules to be put straight into stockholding for onward bottling and despatch as required,” he points out.

Filled capsules are then taken from stock as needed to be bottled via the dedicated MultiPharma Sav 2 facility. The two part configuration – an electronic counting machine allied to an automatic capping and filling unit – can be set up to handle bottles and volumes in varying sizes to match precise order requirements.

“Again the process – including bottle closure and the addition of pre-printed labels – is automatic,” adds Garry Coleman. “Although the MultiPharma facility can be installed in an L-shape configuration, its flexibility allowed it to be located in a single line run in Devizes to accommodate the requirements of the available working space. Indeed, it is significant that the full range of filling, bottling and labelling operations can be contained within a relatively small footprint – a key benefit for the customer in this case,” adds Garry Coleman.

The Schaefer and MultiPharma facilities are supplemented at Metabolics by a new Wick cream filling station and a separate liquid filling unit, both also supplied by Glenvale Packaging and both of which function via peristaltic operation. Metabolics points out that this has allowed it to focus more directly on specific elements of its marketplace, which it is targeting for significant growth in the future.

“The combination of equipment reliability and proven performance at the heart of the machines that are now fully operational is clearly significant, but our decision to work again with Glenvale Packaging strongly reflects on the company’s installation, service and support capability,” continues Linda Porter – a comprehensive service contract has also been established alongside the equipment supply.

“We operate in a marketplace that requires us to be very flexible and responsive to demand, so the selection of the most appropriate equipment and its ongoing reliability are clearly critical. The use of the units specified by Glenvale Packaging, allied to the service back up from the company, add an important degree of confidence – both from our point of view and, of course, that of our customers,” concludes Linda Porter.

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Mar 28, 2011

Manufacturers and processors involved in both solid and pulp food processing can now gain from a new automatic can opening machine being introduced to the UK market by specialist packaging equipment suppliers, Glenvale Packaging. The Kaltenbach (k-ma process) system, available exclusively in this country through Glenvale, brings the benefits of accuracy, speed of throughput and versatility to a wide range of processors using bulk food ingredients. Significantly, the development overcomes many of the accepted drawbacks associated with using products in larger volumes.

Operational views of the Kaltenbach (k-ma process) automatic can opening machine – now being introduced to the UK market by specialist packaging equipment suppliers Glenvale Packaging. The Kaltenbach (k-ma process) automatic can opening machine, being introduced to the UK market by specialist packaging equipment suppliers Glenvale Packaging, requires a footprint of just 1.6 m x 1.0 m.

“Importantly, the k-ma process unit enables operators to take full advantage of ingredients supplied in canned format with its ability to handle cans from 2 – 10 kg in weight,” comments Garry Coleman, Partner at Glenvale Packaging. “This method of ingredient supply is regarded as the optimum approach by an increasing element of the food production and processing industry, particularly those involved in shorter run or lower volume operations. It replaces, for example, conventional 1,000 litre tanks, which can present significant considerations relating both to handling and to the need for the full volume of ingredients to be used quickly once open.

Typical examples of can sizes (from 2 to 10 kg) that can be handled by the Kaltenbach (k-ma process) automatic can opening machine, now available in the UK from Glenvale Packaging.

“The k-ma CEM-600-NT which we are now supplying – the first unit of its type available in the UK – addresses these issues head-on and combines handling, opening and disposal of cans into a single self-contained operation,” adds Garry Coleman.

With a footprint of just 1.6 m x 1.00 m – including a 400 mm feed chute – the design can be readily installed within or adjacent to a production facility, and only requires connection to standard power, water and air supplies. The unit receives cans via a roller conveyor feed into a dedicated can opening station for lid removal. This is followed immediately by a tilting operation where a combined compressed air and water blast process ensures all contents are removed. The empty cans are then transferred to a can compression facility before being ejected for efficient disposal off-site, while the emptied ingredients are discharged through an outlet for onward handling and processing.

The new unit requires minimal operator involvement and offers the additional benefits of quick cleaning and cost efficient energy consumption. The design also helps to ensure maintenance costs are kept to a minimum while the majority of industry standard can sizes can be handled without a change to the unit set-up. The system has already been widely proven across Europe with products of both a liquid and highly viscous nature.

“Because the operation ensures that the can is fully open and tilted, and with the removal of all residue then by the combination of water and compressed air, can emptying can be achieved to a remarkable level of 99%,” continues Garry Coleman. “Moreover, following can compression, waste material disposal volumes can be reduced by up to 80% which clearly has a beneficial impact in terms of onward handling, as well as gains from an environmental point of view.”

Rolfe Mielke, Sales Manager at Maschinenbau Kaltenbach in Germany, highlights additional factors –

“Glenvale Packaging is a well known organisation which we see as a strong and reliable partner in the UK because it reflects our commitment to high quality equipment and providing the best possible knowledge and service to our customers. It also echoes the focus we are placing on the UK – indeed, our first CEM 600 NT can opening machine was installed here for a leading producer in the convenience food production sector, at the same as we were reaching an agreement with Glenvale Packaging.”

In particular Rolfe Mielke draws attention to industries that use can filled raw materials – such as producers of salads, convenience foods, fruit, dairy and soft drink products – who will recognise the benefits associated with the CEM 600 NT machine. “Our customers acknowledge the benefits of the technology and its efficiency and also appreciate the early pay back that is achievable with this machine. We are confident that an increasing number of companies in the UK will look to take advantage of the benefits offered by this purpose-designed technology,” he says.

“We have developed a leading reputation at Glenvale Packaging for purpose-designed machines which meet specific filling and operational requirements in a range of industries – from food processing to pharmaceutical production. Therefore we believe the new k-ma CEM-600-NT machine is a logical addition to our range,” says Garry Coleman.

“With the added benefit of our focus on providing support services tailored for each individual customer – from assessment through installation, commissioning and onward maintenance – we are confident that the benefits of the new unit will be recognised by everybody involved in the food processing industry,” he concludes.

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Nov 17, 2010

Special offer for next four months

We have available a CPE-6 Counter for immediate delivery. The unit is touch screen operated and has bottle detectors and visual aids showing which container is being filled and the count as it happens. Containers counts and product counts can all be set and monitored easily. Turn table speeds and de-acceleration along with sensitivity settings make handling all products all very easy and more importantly accurate.

Aug 25, 2010

K-MA Process Maschinenbau Kalterbach Gmbh Neuenburg Germany

K-MA process can offer a complete range of Can Openers for the food Industry. Models CEM – Fully automatic, COM – Semi-Automatic and HDO – Manual Operated.

Handling Cans Sizes 3, 5 up to 12 Kgs

Systems offered with Can washing and can crushing also.

Click here to download full information.

Mar 11, 2010

Glenvale are pleased to announce that we are now representing Yener KALIP. A leading manufacturer of compression tooling used within pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Punches and dies in all shapes and designs for most types of tabletting machinery. Single tip and multi tip tools as well as special shapes and tablet designs.

Apr 30, 2009

Glenvale Packaging are pleased to announce that we are offering Via Genano air purifier systems. These systems are easy to install, efficiently clearing the air of aerosols and particulate matter such as viruses, bacteria, moulds and VOC gases in indoor spaces of all sizes. The units will remove particles down to one nanometre.

The advantages of this type of system are many but one which makes the units special is they require no filters which can get blocked, expensive to replace along with disposable issues.

The units are for use in Dental Laboratories, Isolation Rooms, Pharmacies, Laboratories and treatment rooms. A range of both mobile and fixed systems are offered to suit the area of the rooms to be used within.

Click here to download full information.

Feb 25, 2009

This can be used for all purposes where a customer wants to run more than one pump head without using the WFA controller box.

Any customer thinking about increase of production should use WF1M or WF2M which in basic version can control up to 3 additional pump heads WF1P or WF2P.

Click here to download full information.

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Schaefer Technologies Inc release new capsule filling machine for powder, pellets and liquid
Feb 16, 2015 ...[More]
New filler launched by ATG Pharma
Sep 25, 2014 ...[More]
Hard empty capsules from Go Caps GmbH
Oct 28, 2013 ...[More]
New version Model 10 introduced
Sep 13, 2013 ...[More]
EL-G-24-54" Electronic Gravity Filler is available for expedited delivery
Mar 21, 2013 ...[More]
Peristaltic Liquids Filling Equipment From Wick Machinery
Mar 14, 2013 ...[More]
STI Model 10 Version 4 from Schaefer Technologies Inc
Nov 6, 2012 ...[More]
Mastermeasure Volumetric Filling Machinery.
Sep 7, 2012 ...[More]
STI Model 10 Semi Automatic Capsule filling machine
Apr 19, 2012 ...[More]
Glenvale Packaging specifies Wick Machinery to enhance production for UK's leading Formalin manufacturer
Jan 27, 2012 ...[More]
Glenvale Packaging introduces new Multipharma automatic capsule filing machine to the UK market
Sep 19, 2011 ...[More]
Glenvale Packaging systems and expertise gain wider recognition with delivery of key advantages to manufacturing chemist in Slovenia
Jul 18, 2011 ...[More]
Glenvale Packaging offers acclaimed Yener tooling range exclusively to the UK market
Jun 8, 2011 ...[More]
Equipment and support from Glenvale Packaging help dietary food manufacturer meet growing demand
Mar 28, 2011 ...[More]
Food processing industry gains from new self-contained can opening and emptying systems
Mar 28, 2011 ...[More]
SPECIAL OFFER: Multipharma – CPE-6 Capsule And Tablet Counter
Nov 17, 2010 ...[More]
K-MA Process
Aug 25, 2010 ...[More]
Glenvale Packaging now representing Yener KALIP
Mar 11, 2010 ...[More]
Genano – Next Generation Air Purification Technology.
Apr 30, 2009 ...[More]
All WF1 and WF2 machines are from now also available with optional Master-Slave control.
Feb 25, 2009 ...[More]


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