Mastermeasure Machines

Glenvale Mastermeasure

A range of accurate versatile, volumetric filling machines for all types of liquid.

  • Made to order in capacities from 50ml to 25 litres or Imperial equivalent.
  • Hand operated.
  • Inexpensive and simple to use.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Can be sited anywhere as electricity or air supply is not required.

Operating Principles

The 'Mastermeasure' consists of a calibrated chamber filled under low pressure or gravity head by means of a two way valve. When the liquid reaches a predetermined level it operates a float valve and flow ceases.

Depressing the handle repositions the valve to allow the measured quantity of liquid to discharge. The units operate in the vertical plane and can be adapted for operation in conjunction with pumps.

Capacity Variations

By interchange of cylinders assemblies one machine can handle a range of products and size of pack. Alternatively by differing lengths of cylinder glass the same versatility can be achieved. Whenever possible we recommend the change of cylinder assembles, since changeover time is greatly reduced and the risk of glass breakage eliminated.

Small variations in capacity due to viscosity, special pack, etc., can be accommodated by the addition of volume adjustment rings under the float chamber. A range of these are available from 10ml to 40ml which can be fitted on site.

Weir Type Level Control

For products having a high capacity to foam, the weir type liquid level control has proved to be successful.

Special Nozzles are available to accommodate a variety of products with a tendency to foam. Drowned fill and side discharge nozzles have proved particularly successful. We will be pleased to undertake tests upon the supply of a product sample.

Junior Mastermeasure

The Junior Mastermeasure can be supplied to dispense amounts from 50cc to one litre or any intermediate volume by the use of interchangeable glass cylinders. Machines can be modified to suit most users applications.

Junior Mastermeasures are manufactured from Stainless Steel to AISI 316, the valve is sleeved with PTFE and the visual cylinder is made from Borosilicate glass.

MkIII Mastermeasure MkIII Mastermeasure

This is designed to satisfy the general industrial need for a simple, sanitary unit at an economic price. Its simple construction enables it to be easily dismantled for cleaning. All the contact parts are made from Stainless Steel to AISI 316. It has a PTFE sleeved valve and Borosilicate glass cylinder.

Interchangeable glass cylinder assemblies from 500ml to 25 litres, or any intermediate capacity, are available.

MkIV Mastermeasure

The MkIV Mastermeasure is a version developed for handling corrosive liquids. It is manufactured in 'RIGIDEX" high density polythene and is ideally suited to handling a wide range of chemicals.

MkIV models are available to handle capacities from 500ml to 25 litres.

Interchangeable glass cylinder assemblies from 500ml to 25 litres, or any intermediate capacity, are available.

Mastermeasure Bag-In-Box (Lifting and Locating Device)

The bag lifting and locating device is a low cost option that can be used with the well proven Mastermeasure volumetric filling machinery for Bag-in-Box filling. It can be supplied either as an add-on accessory or complete with a Mastermeasure as a stand alone filling station.

This device lifts and positively locates the neck of the bag whilst it is being filled with any free flowing liquids such as: fruit juices, milk, edible oils, soft drink concentrates and even liquid fertilizers.

The unit is manufactured throughout in Stainless Steel and can be supplied on a Stainless Steel frame on which the Mastermeasure is fitted along with an angled table which is fully adjustable to facilitate the filling process. Bags up to 25 litre capacity can be handled by this arrangement.

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