Mastermeasure Machines

Peristaltic Liquids Filling Equipment From Wick Machinery

Filling volumes from 0.25 ml up to and including 500ml – WF1

Filling Volumes from 10ml up to and including 5000ml – WF2

Accuracy +/- 0.5% and better

Power supply 230v 50/60Hz

Due mainly to the endless applications and flexibility Glenvale packaging are achieving a high level of success and interest in the WF series of peristaltic liquid fillers.

Sold and supplied as stand alone units or fixed around starwheels within the Minican machinery or even filling directly into syringes.

Photo showing WF 1 with nozzle holder stand:

Photo showing close up of nozzle holder stand:

Photo showing in build WF filler ontot side of Syringe filler to fill BD syringes: