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Glenvale Packaging offers acclaimed Yener tooling range exclusively to the UK market

Users of tablet manufacturing machines can satisfy all their tooling requirements with internationally acclaimed designs available exclusively in this country from Glenvale Packaging. The Wellingborough-based company operates a UK-wide agreement with Yener Kalip to supply the Turkish company’s range of tablet press tools in this country. The association between the two organisations means that the quality of the Yener range can be enjoyed alongside the benefits of Glenvale’s service and support capability – key factors for everybody involved in the sector, from pharmaceutical to healthcare product producers.

“The Yener range is widely recognised for its manufacturing capability which matches a commitment to material quality and cost effective pricing,” comments Glenvale Packaging Partner, Garry Coleman. “We are able to supply a comprehensive range of tooling designs, which can be fitted to the majority of tablet press machines on the market, all of which benefit from the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of manufacture and consequent long life performance.

“The range is extremely versatile and comprises single-tip and multi-tip tooling options, together with virtually any bespoke configuration – from round to square, and from triple-radius to heart-shaped,” he continues. “In all cases, they provide quality tooling to produce results that are both accurate and highly consistent. Optional tablet embossing – ideal where reference numbers or logos, for example, need to be added – is also available.”

The availability of the Yener range through Glenvale Packaging has rapidly become a key element of the company’s success. It focuses on the supply of leading specialist equipment – from capsule filling to can opening units – with the industries that benefit ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturing to food production. Importantly, Glenvale has built its reputation on providing direct one-to-one liaison with its customer base, enabling specific installation requirements to be fulfilled every time, with the added benefit then of direct, UK-based on-going support.

“Our comprehensive supply agreement with Yener fits this profile very well,” continues Garry Coleman, “and we are able to supply not just the press tools, but also parts, maintenance kits and storage boxes, all of which are key elements of the Yener product offer.”

He places emphasis on Yener’s technical capability, particularly its understanding of steel types and manufacturing processes, as being at the heart of the company’s international success. A wide range of steel types is used with processes such as heat treatment applied to reflect the characteristics of the material being compressed and the duty cycle of the machinery to which the tools will be fitted. The company also places significant emphasis on its coatings technology, such as chromium nitrite which helps avoid sticking, provides excellent oxidisation resistance and low friction characteristics. Glenvale Packaging believes these are key facts that help to define the quality that underpins the Yener range.

“It is self-evident that the design and quality of the tool used is central to the success of a tablet press operation and the fact that the Yener range can be readily fitted to any of the leading machine brands in the marketplace is very significant,” adds Garry Coleman. “Now well-established, our links with Yener Kalip, do not only enhance our own product range, but also ensure that our customers’ production quality is maintained at the highest levels.

“We are confident that the combination of product design and our support capability will increasingly provide benefits that are widely recognised by tablet manufacturers throughout the UK marketplace,” he concludes.

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